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It's clobberin' time!



December 18th, 2008


It's clobberin' time!
So where the hell have I been?

I have a perfectly good excuse to disappear from the dolly community for nearly a month. I do.

I've bought a house.

Or, rather, WE'VE bought a house.

There are no words to describe my sense of self-fulfillment. It's bordering on smugness. Why? Because even though my friends are all 'we don't care' I know they look down on me for working in a kid's toy shop (not all of them mind, most of them are wonderful). For some reason the fact that I graduated in Arts doesn't seem to matter. I'm not Einstein, but I'm clever. And it stings that they seem to think that being a shop clerk means I'm dumb/didn't succeed in life. I like working in a toy shop.

Well there, I'm only twenty-two, and I've got a house. A big house. Three rooms, dry basement, big-ass garden, near the centre of the village, but not in the rowdy streets, possibilities to build/change things. The works. In perfect condition.

I know this sounds like bragging and you know what; yes, it is. I'm bragging.

I'm just so happy and relieved and feeling good about myself and my boyfriend. We've done it.

No pictures of the house yet, you'll have to wait till March for those (paper pushing in Belgium is sloooooow).

Minor reason number two for dolly-inactivity is the awful weather here. All my pictures turn out like hell, so my enthusiasm dampens a bit since I have little to share.

Not so minor reason number three: I was actually so pre-occupied with anxiously awaiting my BJD that pullips paled a bit in comparison. Not in a bad way, but waiting for my BJD was like waiting for Noah; all my attention was drawn to that.

Without further ado, I give you my Souldoll Winy:

Check my Flickr for more!

She amazingly beautiful, I absolutely love her. I've asked for a custom face-up similar to her Dollectable version, and I've not been disappointed. The wig that came with her was horrendous, so she's posing here with way too big pullip wigs, hah! I'm not fond of those eyes, either, that particular shade of green doesn't become her. I'll get her something else when I can afford it. (I've blown a big amount of money on pullips this month).
Pictures aren't smashing either, thanks to the overcast weather.

In pullip news, I'm getting the last 'must have' addition to my dolly family for Christmas, I can't wait to see her.
Other Jun Planning dolls that have caught my interest, but don't make me nearly crazy until I get my paws on them: Arion, Milch and Stica.
*Arion is THE Taeyang for me. I'd really like to own him one day. But no hurry.
*Milch is the leading Dall. Her face-up is amazing. I'd get her without the stock, though, I don't like it very much. I'd love Sooni's though (anybody will to sell it to me?)
*Stica has me on the fence. I love everything about her, I'd just wish her eyebrows were a tad different. I'll wait until I'm sure. To be honest I want to twin my Anne Shirley, but she's a rather expensive doll, and I can't afford to do that right now. Or Jun Planning would have to bring out a new freckled pullip. Not sure she could rival Anne though.

And on a final note, here's the little devil we got to keep Puka company since my cat Jiji died. He's equal parts sweet and mischievous. Name's Flor.

October 16th, 2008

Goodbye, my sweet kitty

It's clobberin' time!
We finally managed to find out what has happened to my cat, Jiji.

He died somewhere on October the 2nd. He was hit by a car. The very same day a lady walking her dog saw him lying and decided to take him to a vet, in case he was chipped. Sadly enough he wasn't, so the vet cremated him two days after.

We only found out him having been killed by a car on Sunday the 5th, a day after the vet cremated him.

The only positive thing I can say is that I'm glad he was cremated and is not lying somewhere, rotting away.

I don't know how other people here feel about animals, but for me it was a hard blow. I loved that cat. And I'll never forget him.

Thank you all who expressed their fellow feeling about this, it was much appreciated.

Okay, sorry for that dire part, but it had to be said.

Here's a pic of Noah, wearing her new blouse I got for her 1-year birthday and, consequently, my pullip-a-versary.

Of course, I jumped the bandwagon and did that memeCollapse )

October 4th, 2008

I just want my cat back

It's clobberin' time!
My cat has disappeared. I have no idea what has happened to him or where he went, but I hope he just got stuck somewhere and someone will hear him meowing soon.

Today marks day three of him being gone.

Please, Jiji just come back.

September 11th, 2008

Of Grails and Dreams

It's clobberin' time!
Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you my Grail girl:

Anne Shirley

After (nearly) one year of collecting I got the doll that I've always wanted most. Anne Shirley was originally the pullip I wanted most, but by then her price had gone up to 150 USD. For a first doll that seemed too much, so it was Zuora instead, who came in second best. This little lady came up on a great deal and on total impulse I've bought her. I'm happy I did so :)

So any ideas of names? I was thinking 'Pomme' or 'Faune', but I'm not entirely sure it fits her right.

September 9th, 2008


It's clobberin' time!
I was holding out to post, hoping I'd have a certain 'something' to show you by then. And I could, actually, it's arrived. But there's still a part missing. S'not so bad to wait a bit longer, it would deserve a post of its own, actually . Keep an eye out for an update within a week or so :)

Enough of my mysteriousness. Onward to the account of my adventures in London.

I left on the 18th of August, came back the 21st. Not that long, but long enough when you visit that city for the third time.

So what happened? Here's the long and the short of it.

Or make that, the very short, G-rated version.Collapse )

All in all, it was marvelous. My ideal idea of a vacation. Next year though, for the sake of Jimmy's nerves, I think we'll go somewhere entirely else.

Anyway, back to books. I bought only fifteen. I was hoping for a lot, lot more, but sadly the capacity of my suitcase could only hold so much.

I saw Twilight there too. For only five pounds. Yet something... stopped me. Possibly it was because I could buy that book in Belgium as well, which would defeat the point of going all the way to London, of all places, to buy it. But, I don't know. I like Young Adult. I love books such as Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close just as much as I love Harry Potter. Okay, I love Harry Potter more. BUT the point is, that, for me, a good book is a good book. Whatever category. I know some people will say that fantasy and YA is not equal 'to the other, real literary works', but I'm open to equal opportunities. I didn't leave Twilight on the shelf because it is YA. No I left it because I'm still unsure about all grammatical mistakes and general awkwardness of her writing style. I'm sure I'll buy it eventually. But for now I'll continue to observe it from a safe distance until someone I know and who thinks like me (really, there are other like me out there) has read it and will recommend it.

I have a new addiction. Except, the obvious general book-buying that is. I'd like to blame herroyaldemones. Oh yes. Meg Cabot. I. Blame. You.

So there I was, nosing about in the Young Adult section. So what if I'm 22, that's still Young Adult-ish enough. Sort of. Kind of. And lo and behold the Princess Diaries. I've seen herroyaldemones post about them before. As it is a book, it gets filed away in a special section in my head. The one that actually remembers things. One book cost only six pounds. I'll try it. It's just one book.

I was so wrong.

I finished that book on the second day during our stay in London.

I bought two more on the last day, thinking that Meg Cabot, who is, obviously, God, would have her books on the shelves in Belgium, too. I finished the second and the third before the Eurostar halted in Brussels.

Next week, I'm happily trudging about Antwerp, Jimmy by my side, to, you got it, have a look at the bookshops.

ME: Wait. Nice lady at the desk, where are your ENGLISH Meg Cabot books. Quickly, I must read the fourth book of the Princess Diaries series to find out what happens to Mia in Genova!
NICE, yet bewildered, DESK LADY: Okay, small, yet frightfully intense little girl, they're right over there.
ME: Oh thank God... but, but... There's only ONE book there. It's not even Princess Diaries.
NICE, yet bewildered, DESK LADY: I'm afraid I've never heard of The Princess Diaries before.
ME: Words come out of your mouth, but they have no meaning, I ask you again; what?

Praise the Gods for Amazon, right?

But I guess I'll first read the other twelve. There's Diana Wynne Jones. Have I mentioned how much I love Diana? Yes? Well, I'll tell you again. I love her. I'd have no qualms about sacrificing my first born to her if that meant she'll keep creating more stories. Especially if they have the same awe-inspiring quality of the Pinhoe Egg.

Conclusion: books, I love them.

PS: Thank you herroyaldemones

August 1st, 2008

(no subject)

It's clobberin' time!
I did not get to do the 'major photoshoot' after-all, I'm hoping tomorrow then. Nonetheless I took some shots of Leeloo, they're not very special, but it won't be until she's got a better wig that she'll get some serious camera-time.

Behold the Leeloo:

She's supposed to have a whole other attitude but what with my Papin's ratty pink wig I had to moderate her flashy outfit due to some horrible color-clashing. I'm hoping a new wig will do wonders for that extra attitude.

So far she's been;
obitsued, SBH S
has received double-thick lashes
gotten re-chipped (Timulus' chips)
is borrowing my Papin's wig. Which is absolutely horrible quality, why she is wearing a beanie since it's full of bald spots.

Oh, and since I forgot to add which BJD I've recently been lusting after, it's this girl:

She's a Souldoll Winy dreaming version, but note that in the 'make up' option menu you can select 'request make up', which will be what I'll be picking. She's very sweet like this, but she lacks that 'extra something' I'm looking for. Check out her Dollcollectible version, I'll be asking something similar to this as a request.

The reason I think I'm liking her more than Shushu is her eyes, they're bigger and not so far apart. Plus with the request option I can ask to give her nice, full lips, like the Dollcollectible version.

What do you think?

July 31st, 2008

My Melody has arrived!

It's clobberin' time!
First of all:


My Melody has arrived safely today and rest assured that she has already stolen my heart! Thank you again for the wonderful deal :)

I've already decided on a name for her (like, three months ago :p). Henceforth she shall be known as: Leeloo.

No pictures of her today, I hope I manage a few tomorrow, I'm thinking of holding a big shoot for Noah and Jacky/Jo (not sure who of the two, suggestions?) and I'll take Leeloo along then.

Originally I wanted to wait with showing pictures until she was finished, but I can't help myself, I'll do one picture of her and then I'll wait until her wig arrives.

So far I've customized her quite a bit already, but the finishing touch should be her wig.

One picture for now, another Mayday, of course. I love this shot!

Oh and, er, I think I'm wanting Dita next. I have no idea how that happened :p

On the BJD front, I'm very happy I didn't go ahead and got Shushu, because I've discovered yet another doll I like more (and who's cheaper too, even with custom face-up!)

July 4th, 2008


It's clobberin' time!
Sorry I've been away for so long and so inactive on all the boards. I've just had a rather busy 2 months at work. Things should finally settle down now.

First off, because she's been away for so long: Welcome back Kat!

Her new Leekeworld wig is lovely, but it is styled at the sides to sweep back a bit. I'd much rather have it straight, but even ironing it didn't really help.
Plus her acrylics are a bit boggled, she can't move her eyes from left to right etcetc... but that's for another time. For now I can live with it.

So, after waiting the release for IpleHouse Tania and Tatiana basic, I've decided that I still like Shushu best:
Lookie at the pretty

Now I've already saved up half of her price+shipping... but. But.

I'm really thinking of getting My Melody, and I want her so much I'm considering using about 130 USD from the BJD money for her.
If I'm seriously considering this... Shouldn't I wait a bit longer with getting Shushu then? I'm much more 'yay' with the idea of flinging the money at MM pretty head instead of at Shushu's. Now don't get me wrong... I really do want Shushu. Reallyreally. But getting Shushu clothes and such is very expensive and my pullips already have a big and ready wardrobe. Plus I have a spare obitsu... MM would only need a new wig. I feel like I'm much more ready with getting another pullip instead of Shushu. I'm considering waiting longer with her (until Christmas even) before getting her.

Any thoughts on this?


June 9th, 2008


It's clobberin' time!
Yet another entry in where I plan to whine about purchases of the book and dolly-kind.

As with every month, I started out with the resolution to not buy too many things for my girls. Something I always spectacularly fail to abide to.
What I bought for my dolls this month so far (we're barely a week into it!!):
*White sugar mag shirt
*Azone dress from HLJ
*barbie dress and shirt from Joni
*Cute top from Etsy

And I've seen a totally gorgeous wig. Only I'm not sure for who it could be besides Leeloo. Considering Leeloo is not even finished and already has a wig (Kat is wearing it) it seems like a waste of money... Still it's a VERY pretty wig.
Plus I've already bought a new wig last month. It's for Kat, though, and she deserves it. She officially gets the most expensive wig out of all my girls. I hope it'll look absolutely fabulous, because otherwise I might just shit a brick.

Anyway. I've ordered my books. I had a total squee moment as I witnessed my boyfriend clicking 'add to shopping basket' on amazon.
*The Chronicles of Chrestomanci: Volume 3: Conrad's Fate and the Pinhoe Egg by Diana Wynne Jones
*Castle in the Air by Diana Wynne Jones
*The House of Many Ways by Diana Wynne Jones
*Across the Wall: A Tale of the Abhorsen and Other Stories by Garth Nix
*Hook (dvd)
*The Fifth Element (dvd)

Now, next topic: BJDs.
Slowly but surely I'm beginning to see who the likely candidates will be. Here's the list and the why's:

*MiniFée Shushu: she seems very versatile and looks like I can just about smack any wig on her. She has the new MNF body, which is very posable. I love her face.

*Castle Anne's Anne: I love her face and how her body looks, especially her legs. Thing is I only like the limited versions of her, because her face-up is stronger in those. The basic version is a bit too subtle for my tastes. Natural is good, but she's just so light and delicate face-up wise that she does not have the 'mischievous' quick I like in most BJDs. Too bad her limited versions are so expensive.

*Lati Blue tanned Cara: I have a thing for the color of her tan. Plus she has a sweet face. Over-all very pretty.

*Iplehouse Tania or Tatiana BASIC: these are not yet released. I originally loved trapeze Tatiana, but afterwards I think I might like the shape of Tania's face better. A bit younger and she definitely has that mischievous quirk. And I like her nose. I will patiently wait until these are released before carefully making my choice. I hope Tania's face-up will be nice for her basic version. I'm not sure I like the Iplehouse bodies as much as I like those of the MNFs and Castle Anne.

Also dolly-related:

I think I'm going to get Jade. He's absolutely lovely. I'm just a tiniest bit 'eh' about her orange-ish skintone. I like William's better, even though he is VERY pale.

And I also find myself wanting Barasuishou. But I'd rather buy her nude, even without wig and type 3 is just fine. As long as her face and eyechips are in prime-condition. I've been lusting after Bara for a long time now, and I've been waiting for it to pass, but after three months it still hasn't, so maybe... yeah.

Okay I'm done blabbering! Pictures of my girls (even though everybody has seen these EVERYWHERE, sorry)

Clicky for rest of 'Nymph'Collapse )

Well, thanks for looking, I'm off to see Enchanted!

May 20th, 2008


It's clobberin' time!
Hmmm. So I have this 'box of Pandora' thing going on. Skipping between some cartoon artists' blogs has recently brought a certain book to my attention. A book that up until now I hadn't heard about. Apparently there is a HUUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGEEEEE fandom attached to it, and all those followers will tell you that it's the greatest thing ever.

I'm talking about Twilight.

There's a movie coming out to, so I hear?

So, interested, I browse about on blogs and reviews and whatnot.

But. I don't get it. Not at all.

The teeny tiny part I read online was FULL of typos. And I mean overflowing. I know my English is FAR from perfect, but I had this place-replacing shame when I read it. I cringed. And the plot?! So this girl moves to a new school and everybody stops to stare and look at her? That doesn't happen in real life. Teenagers don't generally stop talking in a three-seat radius around the new kid to hear what she's saying.
And the vampire kids sparkle like diamonds in the sun? What? How do they do that? Can they go in the sun because it reflects from their skin or something?

Anyway. So I hear good things. I hear bad things. Deep inside I know I'll shrivel and die a little when I dare read Twilight. But call it morbid fascination. It's like a train coming at top-killer speed at you and somehow you just can't help yourself but stare at your approaching doom.

I swear, it's like Pandora. You just want that one little peek, even if it means crying acid tears.

For now, though, I am safe. Re-reading Howl's Moving Castle has rekindled my love for Diana Wynne Jones. So badly that I'll forgo putting an extra-extra something aside for my BJD and probably spend it on ordering 'The Castle in the Air, The Pinhoe Egg and her new book, due next month; House of Many Ways.

I needs it I tells you. NEEDS IT.

/end bookworm mode.

Dolls. Du'h. Nearly no entry without them.

Is your resistance crumbling yet?Collapse )

Maybe you can't notice from those pics, but I GOT A NEW CAMERA LIKE WHOA. I might be a bit excited. It's a Canon digital RSL EOS 350D (that's a Canon Rebel for you americans).

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Lastly a meme thing I snatched from little_joni.

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I'm done now. I swear.
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